Paul Koniecki


Paul Koniecki
lives and writes in Dallas, Texas. He was once chosen for the John Ashbery Home School Residency. His poems feature in Richard Bailey’s movie “One of the Rough” distributed by AVIFF Cannes.

look to the hawk 

filled sky
i bet on the dove 
michaelangelo is back 
today america is 
marvin gay sr 
in furious denial 
so angry with his 
beautiful beautiful son
i wanted us
to be gentle
i’m afraid 
death is laughing 
at the dead 
or brendan behan 
surrounded and alone 
to escape 
everyone is swallowing 
their phones
two of the 
most frightening performances 
in movie history 
are landa the 
jew hunter in
inglorious basterds and 
chitty chitty bang 
bang’s vulgarian child hunter 
evil by sniffing 
sniffing nostril
benny hill the 
toy-maker carving 
to save us all 
while understanding 
avoidance fear 
autonomy determination 
(memory is in the nose) and 
compliance as something 
beyond scent and repetition 
and vile preprogramming 
art nearer to mystic vision
the problem now
isn’t compartmentalization
it’s just that 
in so many corners
the internet stinks
no high ceiling to be muraled
no mannerism no renaissance 
childhood dream 
coming back again
invent a color 
call it invisibility 
wet the cantilever 
take pity 
paint me gone

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