Boyd Bauman

Boyd Bauman
grew up on a small ranch south of Bern, Kansas.  His dad was a storyteller and his mom the family scribe.  He has published two books of poetry:  Cleave and Scheherazade Plays the Chestnut Tree Café.  After stints in New York, Colorado, Alaska, Japan, and Vietnam, Boyd now is a librarian and writer in Kansas City and lives with his lovely wife Lisa and little poets Haven and Milly.   Visit him at


Magic Bullets:  The Gathering

True story:  a gun store in my Kansas suburb shut down,
replaced by a shop selling board games.

Overnight, vile propaganda
picturing Obama in the crosshairs
became posters for Harry Potter Clue.

Miracle!  Perhaps it was my thoughts and prayers.

Collateral effects in the neighborhood
are striking:  gangs gather after school,
exhibiting a shockingly high capacity
for socialization.

Fanatics emerge from dungeons to laugh
and leaf through Dragon magazines
at a terrific clip.

Youth are indoctrinated
into a culture of violence
flagrantly displayed above the counter:
Battleship, Risk, and, most heinous of all,
Exploding Kittens.

Trigger warnings are more liberal than ever:
Ages 6 and up, 8 and up, 10 and up,
restrictions up in everyone’s freedom.

Radicalized progressives eschew the plastic bags,
stroll these gentle streets flaunting their right to openly carry.

Society’s fringe players amass stockpiles in their closets
until they snap, hold their families hostage on game nights
as kids recoil from each insincere Sorry!

Such atrocities may seem isolated,
but neglect them, and the dominoes will fall.
Now, more than ever, we need Americans
for responsible solutions, moms demanding action,
students marching for their lives until we can say
never again will such weapons go mainstream,
never again will these scenes be repeated
in any town and every town.

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