3 Poems by Tina Carey

A day in the life of

It bites me like a hungry snake

Asking,” what can I take from you today?”

Your sanity?

Your drive?

Your will to survive?


As soon as my feet hit the floor

I’m begging my demon for no



“I can’t handle it,” I say

It’s okay; you’re going to take it



Today I do not fight, so I go

back to bed, I’d rather lie dead



I cover my face, so you can’t see

it doesn’t matter because you’re within



“One day I will get rid of you, I say

but not today.


© Tina Carey




            It’s a powerful feeling and indeed freeing reaching

a deep inside your soul to find self-love.


You will leave many behind.

You will start to decline sharing your space with

people who don’t share the same state of mind.


Reaching for a higher love is never worthless

in fact;

It should be your purpose.

even if you’re the only one that takes notice.


The moment your realize you’re enough nothing

else matters.

You will be ready for new chapters and even new



© Tina Carey



Take me to this place you say is breezeless,

Where the shadows stand still

and the brightness is only at the tips of our

toes, and the darkness smells like rainbows.


Take me to this place you say the waves crinkle

and never splash

where you become ageless

never knowing how much time has passed.


Take me to this place you say people fall in love

without saying a word.

where the sunshine is vibrantly heard.


Take me tho this place you and I will only know

where mindfulness has no plateau.


Take me

Take me

Forever there


© Tina Carey


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