Two poems by Connie James

Pearls of Joy


I thought the ghosts that haunted me 

had a will of their own,

but  I discovered they are swimming in a substance

fed by me and only me.


I would put them on the stage

whenever I needed them to perform.

Now I’ve noticed lately they seem very tired,

and weary of it all.

The pain was my suffering.

This treasured wound

had become egoless. 


Darkness is the mystery of the unknown,

that holds a world all of its own.

I faced this unknown not with a warrior’s model,

or a saint’s disposition,

but with a life becoming a prayer dream.


Like a waking dream into a nocturnal prayer,

the remembered dream or the unremembered dream

is always healing,

once it is in your loving heart.


Thus darkness and light

face all the ghosts with an embrace,

holding strong by stringing each pearl

with a kiss.


©Connie James



Coat of Woven Gold


In sleep I wish to rest,

but find in dreams

I am awake.


The words are following not-

to care upon my bosom’s ache.


In flowers I find sight

and fruit is always sweet,

but to know how far

a wind might blow a seed away

is difficult to reach.


With twisting rogues 

can a deal only be made

to feel each side a loss,

yet in a maiden’s heart

games are played for fun.


She weaves threads if gold

that will not tarnish;

in heaven her body is buried

and the earth is reflected by a glow.


Lonely she will never be;

she at last has found happiness.


I being she, or she being the maiden,

who but I feel both climbs,

for all things touch

but some do not feel a truth

without a hand.


Thus my castle now

is in heaven,

waiting to let me

wear her coat of woven gold.


©Connie James


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