One Poem by Yoby Henthorn

O God,

we look at the multiverse with a microscope
and quarks with a telescope.
But do You still look at us?

I have my suspicions.

The wax holding the wings 

of mind are melted.


I think you like being among Atheists.  

Are You hiding incognito at the biker bar?
Everyone comes here to leave their past behind.
Anonymity is the motto in this state.

Did you,  tire of being punished, retire from the miracle business, 

leave a sign, “Go save yourselves.”

I’m fearful of how I’m made

crashing down to Sheol to lay on this sour bed,
my sharp bones piercing through muscles,
I toss and turn,  sweating holy oil  through these sodden sheets. 


I wonder if I made you up because I am lonely.


©Yoby Henthorn


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