Three Poems by Gary Beck

Shattered Stillness

Shoppers crowd city streets

burdened with packages

jostling each other

on Fifth Avenue,

where they push and shove

to get a closer look

at the Christmas tree

in Rockefeller Center,

ornate symbol

of what we lack,

peace on earth,

good will to men.


©Gary Beck



Lunacy Quatrain

Children went to school one day

for the usual work and play

but a madman shattered their class,

with rampage, the American way.

©Gary Beck




Ritual Proceedings

Millions of voters

are given the choice

of who to vote for

on election day,

which makes Americans proud

of their democracy,

even though candidates

are selected and purchased

by special interests,

more concerned with profits

than the needs of the people.

©Gary Beck

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