Two Poems by Kabir Deb


I have known tragedies, I have seen sins
I forget them for the amnesia inside your packed fins
We have been twined from an age long decade
Kissing every new orbiting barricade

I love the way we share our galactic smile
Spraying our perfume on the old postmortem file
It’s not someone else’s! The file is ours
Where lies a living death over a fiery world of flowers

Death unknown to many, and even to us
Let it stay! Let our sweat and kisses be diverse
Silhouette of yours on the bed as you sew back your skin
Jared body after a night still weans for the queen

My dark circles pierce your Picasso eyes
Charcoals all around paint out a life which never dies
We list out the kisses we are meant to do in a tempest
And the books I have to read on your breast

We gather our belongings and scatter them again
Kissing every beautiful curve of a reshaping rain
Desperate, creepy, erotic, we are filled with all
Let us be with everything, even if we fall

Broken bodies over each other won’t be alone
Many would try to crack what lies beside my bone
Some would guess it as Coptic, some as Hebrew
Die safely as they won’t be able to catch the cue

We haven’t resisted the bed to approach
Neither a new manuscript to form a new “Soch”
Petals have felt the kiss, flower has felt the embrace
Now let’s rest! Let’s dance over our curated palace.

© Kabir Deb


I want to see my scared thoughts burning
With carbonated fear shattering and mourning
Once closed mind rising from the imposed coffin
Dancing a pen over white flesh tasting caffeine

Resources feeding the deafening Mantra
To deepen the sword of the mythical Ayodhaya
Bodies swinging to slay the pious serendipity
Fertilising the demons to nibble on fertility

Fear of a so – called Lord hunting over love
Policing over a couple freeing the white dove
Queerabad isolating all the hate feeding fungus
With Frida painting the cupid art of cunnilingus

Once phobic world still stands on the same chapter
With each goon following the same ringmaster
Cross of Bible, Swastika of the Vedas, Moon of the Quran,
Break the code to get back phobia in return

What lies beyond the regularly visited massacre?
Pride of love and a wild hearted protest for hunger
Tea of a Jesus lover slurped by a Kali devotee
Finally to explore the love in homosexuality

Wine of Jesus touches that of feminine Kali
As Muhammad paints their unseen kiss freely
Mother Mary gifts them the most peaceful kiss
Paint cunnilingus, be the red farmer, restore the tulips

That’s all I want to do with my thirsty soul
For I have seen what fear does to empty the scroll
Let’s resist the sedimentary Cross Mooned Swastika
Sailing from the burning Sahara to freezing Alaska.

© Kabir Deb

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