Two poems by Megha Sood

Broken ( Poem based on Domestic Violence)


You are broken and torn apart

at multiple places

not an inch has been left on your soul

which has not been

branded by his violent displays


You weep and yelp

at the slightest of his touch

bleeding like a soulless animal

you are dragged everywhere


Your heart wrenching

and blood-curdling screams

are falling on the

deaf ears

He is driven by his fear and anger

to brandish your body and soul

to trademark every tear


You wake up next day

salvaging your last dregs of sanity

gather yourself again

to  relive again the hellish reality


You cover and hide your bruises

under your makeup

when the scars are tattooed on your soul

they don’t need  a shakeup


You try to justify his every act

to balance with lost love

once you had

how he must be having a hard day

before he devoured you

with all the anger he had


You are masking your emotions

with that fake smile

and empty heart

living fearfully

not knowing

when it will start again.


Every pore in your body

begets the revenge

till you are knocked down


by his strong hand


You wish his existence to be

a glitch in nature

a ripple in time

which can take him back again

So you don’t have to face the mirror

to see his broken love

written on your face

all over again.


© Megha Sood




I’m an immigrant

a person whose

roots are dangling between

continents and spanning cultures

trying to get the footing

to maintain the balance

dangling between the void and the fullness

My mouth speaks two language

where my heart bears one

I’m training my tongue to

get used to the new taste of everything

while remembering my mother’s recipe

to celebrate my festivals

clutching to the old traditions

living in the constant

fear of being called a misfit

learning new slangs and clichés

I’m still trying to find a balance in my life


my roots are spanning the continents

and my heart is buried in one.

I’m an immigrant

I’ll be always be called one.


© Megha Sood

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