Take my advice…I’m not using it

Hello everyone.

I’d like to say how pleased I am to have been asked to be a regular contributor. I find the premise of the site exciting. To effect some positive social change is something I feel very strongly about. I am grateful to be a part of the forum.

I write under the heading: Take my advice…I’m not using it. It’s sort of a tongue in cheek reference to the idea that as human beings we don’t always live by our own tenets. After all, as fallible humans, we all live with dichotomy.

I am an amateur philosopher, psychologist, student of human nature, unpolished poet, dreamer and eternal optimist. I believe in everything I write. I don’t stand on ceremony and will never insult your intelligence. I am, however, trying to elicit a response of some kind. Any kind. Talk back to me. Agree, disagree, bash, praise, love it, hate it, I love to have discussions. Consider this an open forum through comments.

Again, I am very happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

J.M. Strasbourg

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