Two Poems by James Otter




Under appreciated

A piece of your soul

Deeply personal gifts

home made from time

effort and whatever money was left over

after the food stamps disappeared


A painting on the floor

hand written books

alone on a shelf

a present that feels like a mighty gesture

left alone

one thank you

not even a glance

at the intricate details


Two sentences

one card

three minute walk to the gas station


you care

thats wonderful


In order to be an artist

you must face rejection


In order to be a writer

you must face over anylizing critics

people who can’t read or choose not to


In order to be a professional musician

you must first play your heart out to an empty room


In order to make movies

you must spend years of your life

dealing with big talkers and name droppers

flakes and phonies

and years without progress


In order to succeed at creativity

you must face rejection

you must face disappointment

and you must face yourself and all your fowl judgments


In order to be an actor

you must be willing to play a tree

or a servant

or a nothing


Talent comes raw

and over time it becomes polished

In order to be a free thinker

you must be comfortable being alone

because people will reject you and your views
In order to maintain your identity

you must be willing to laugh at yourself

to tell yourself you’re a bad ass


Going out and performing

is not an easy task
it takes courage

and fear

motivators both


Creative freedom

means you get to make the rules

you get to play along


You are going to get put in a corner

you’re going to go on time out

your story might not be as tragic as the other cool kids

its still valid
You are not required by law to fit in

you don’t have to go against the grain
Life is filled with choices

forks and roads

you can turn around

walk the other way

try it years later

go back


Don’t let people try to cage you

they are gonna reject you sometimes

they might kiss ass and compliment

they might also betray you

and it gets real uncomfortable sometimes


You’re gonna feel like a nobody

and not all of that rage is going to be put on paper

some of it will go towards yourself

or others

You get to fuck up

cause your going to

we all are
Mistakes will be made

and its alright to break string

mispel a word

and even forget a line

roll with it

play off the failure

add to the scene

keep the show going


You are free to contradict yourself

it’ll happen eventually anyway

its like stepping in shit

it might not happen everyday

but it does happen


You are not bound to one way

its not a pepsi or coke world

those are brands

right now you can make anything

all it takes is a little bit of time

and the right material


You get to mess up

you can find a way to improvise

its a matter of seeing the room

the box is contained with in


You are free to change your mind

the rules

can be broken

they can be expanded upon

They can morph

just like you


Nobody is only one thing

we play many parts in our life

it just takes some searching

© James Otter



America is a Shithole


This is a shit hole country

I’m not going to list the reasons why

because thats too easy

I will say it

from a less popular perspective


Trump’s words

get more notation than his actions

He said Haiti is a shit hole

everybody should know thats fucked up to say

its racist

its classist

and its obviously offensive


calling Haiti a shit hole

is a trump strategy

he plays the fool

peoples attention is averted from

everything else
Trump can do this with his smartphone

he doesn’t even need to speak

to get everyone talking about him

and not what he is doing

Trump is a frightening man

he instigates violence through social media

its brilliant in the worst ways


———————Poem Start


His personality is a cult in itself

This is an era of distraction

and as such there will be attacks

coming from all fronts


If you are triggered

take as much time as you need

and breath

don’t let anybody tell you otherwise


The internet

has been reduced to two primary functions


and society


yep we have gone digital

because those two things have merged

Doomsayers have the microphone

and they are not afraid

to yell into it

even if the damn things not plugged in


The high privilaged simulate oppression

calculating feeling and reactions

all in the name of domination


Controversial currency abounds

to kill a meme you ignore it

those bad boys never go away

they sleep until the anual rewind

of big media visiting the little world

for a show of true colors


Nothing is free

nobody is self made

everything costs money

especially peoples time


Do you want to know how to become

a self made messiah


Pick up what the real lord leaves in the trash

and wear it

like a cape

follow along with whats popular

stay in tune with the current rage

pick the side with less push

push them into your trash


This is the modern era

civil rights activist weary

after decades

deaf against the blind


Trump in all his disgusting costumes

he wants more than just money

he wants our love

and our fear


He has it all

we have no choice

we leave raw meat for the sharks


I’m concerned for the safety of every person

or country

Trump deam shitty or irredeemable

The world as we know it is in perill

we can focus all in on every dirty word

that spills out of the cloyster of total power

take this as warning though

that is not enough anymore


Outrage isn’t enough

and when we make light

of serious matters

they go unsolved

our actions are wasted

© James Otter

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