There but for the grace of God Go I – Fee Thomas

Luke 8:48 —-“And said unto them , Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.”

On January 16th, 2018 Marconia  Kessee was at Norman Regional Hospital in Oakland where the police were called on him for trespassing after he was discharged from the hospital. There is some discrepancy if there were actual physical cares by a physician made at said time. Family for Mr. Kessee has stipulated that Mr. Kessee had refused to leave the hospital because his many mental and medical health needs had not been addressed.

Master police officer Kyle Canaan and officer Daniel Brown of The Norman Regional Police Department responded at 1930 . This is where standards for human care and concern completely disengaged.

Officers Canaan and Brown began my taunting and mocking Mr. Kessee, at times comparing him to a child and a dog. They disregarded his HIPA Rights by broadcasting publicly the reason for his hospital visit. As he fell to the ground more than once, not a single offer of help was made. Further humiliation was made toward Mr. Kessee while these officers who are supposedly meant to Serve and protect laughed loudly at a man who simply wanted medical treatment.

When Mr. Kessee could not comply with the officer’s orders the officers drug Mr. Kessee’s body on the cold pavement in the dark air.  Marconia Kessee, the victim had no recourse and no aid during this entire time. Not a single person stopped to assist him. Not even a doctor of which the hospital was full of.

This is about race. This is about class. This is about stigma. This is about privilege. This is about power. This is about what we let go unchecked. This is what is about the worst in us.

Mr. Marconia Kessee died in his cell two hours later.

Had he if he would have been a white, middle class, non Mentally Ill, guy wearing khakis and a polo?

Those officers drug that man around while he was on his belly while they laughed and laughed. Mr. Marconia Kessee is dead now. His last hours on this earth were dreadful. Without a singular face of compassion anywhere to be found.

My heart breaks for this man.

© Fee Thomas

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