Heed Not to What Comes Glittering – Emmanuel Joseph

Heed Not To What Comes Glittering

Heed not to what comes glittering
Keep an eye peeled of yourselves,
if comes its embrace
upon your souls,
in its alms, where lovers meet.
Let go, not wholly of your hearts,
if comes walking its lips
from the heart’s basement to its peak,
unleashing your desires
flaming in you like stars.
Stay awake in your dreams,
if seems glittering into reality
that which methinks are nothing,
when borrowed the stories of mine.
Be not easily drawn
in your youthful ages,
so readily with widely-opened hands,
into its domain,
for its smile ends in a void
where bygone lovers have ebbed
to the tides of time.
Love, is not as defined,
so heed not to what comes glittering.

© Emmanuel Joseph


Emmanuel Joseph was born in the eastern part of Sierra Leone, in the bread basket called Kono District, and schooled at Koidu District Educational Center where he sat to the National Primary School Examination. He is reading Politics Science and History at the Athens of West Africa, Fourah Bay College, University Of Sierra Leone.

Since he became a poet, he has been part of the race of contemporary poets of contemporary issues affecting humanity. His poetry ranges from all corners where the surge of pang seems to live, ranging from love, humanity, abandonment, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Belonging in more than hundred writing forums, his writings capture societal issues left to die in the spine of human memories. He has published many poems and has been translated in many publication sites, literary magazines, blog, and journals at home and abroad

2 thoughts on “Heed Not to What Comes Glittering – Emmanuel Joseph

  1. All of us have seen that sugary sweet smile, heard those honeyed words and yet the eyes carry a sharp coldness. The deceitfulness of the human heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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